Values and Vision


Being able to cope with adversity

Having the ability to bounce back

Able to communicate feeling and emotions

Rational, positive thinking

Accepting of self

Taking risks



Able to be relied upon by others

Being accountable for the consequences of your actions

Being responsible for your actions

Looking after each other and our property

Being honest

Doing what is required



Working together cohesively and effectively to achieve common goals

Sharing with each other and working as a team

Achieving goals as a group

Listening to each other

Being tolerant


Accepting opinions of others

Getting along

Respecting all ideas



Not giving up

Being motivated

Making additional effort when it is required

Staying on task

Keeping up to date

Asking for help when needed

Always trying hard even when things get tough

Re-doing something until it is correct

Staying positive

Believing that anything can be achieved with effort



Attaining goals and reaching our full potential

Striving to achieve our best and beyond

Trying to do our best all the time

Self belief

Achieving our goals

Taking chances and trying new things

Working to the best of our ability

Always trying even if something is difficult

Putting in 100 percent effort all the time



Treating yourself, others and property with care and consideration

Looking after people

Taking care of each other

Showing respect

Not teasing or swearing

Being kind

Taking care of property

Always considering the needs of other



Harmonious relationships with others based on common values and interests

Trusting and appreciating each other

Having someone to talk to and to listen

Getting along

Being considerate

Sharing common values







Keeping track of tasks and assignments

Using time effectively

Bringing all requirements to class

Having goals

Breaking down tasks into smaller steps

Following instructions and directions

Keeping all work books organised

Using checklists